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Initial Appointments are priced below, If you are new to permanent make up the pricing below will apply to you. At your initial appointment you have the option to pay for your full service price then, I also offer for you to pay $100.00 dollars less and then the remaining $100 will be due 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment. If you wait longer than 10 weeks I will add an additional $50.00 to your appointment total. 
If you are someone who has already had existing work with another artist, please contact me to see if I can be a right fit for you, sometimes brows are too saturated and no more work can be done and laser removal will be your only option.
If you have a newly scheduled appointment with me, and you no-show or do not give me 48 hours notice half of your appointment will be due before you are allowed to reschedule, please respect my time as I will also do the same with you. I do understand emergencies come up!




Microblading is a procedure done using a hand tool with ultra fine needles, a small cut is made and pigment is placed into the cut. It gives a very natural look and is great for enhancing those lost hairs over the years.



Partial Microblading where it is needed combined with machine work that creates a powdery application that will sharpen the brows where it was otherwise lacking natural hair.



 This service is ideal for those with more mature skin or those who like that full brow look. This service sees the best retention over all as it is more well rounded and is suitable for most skin types. 

Green Eyes and Makeup


Returning clients looking for a color boost to their previous work with me. Must have healed from your perfection session before booking  Consultation may be required before working on, and prices are subject to change.


Tattoo's MINIMUM $100

Please reach out via social media or email, in regards to tattoos!

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